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I Am Ozzy - Ozzy Osbourne & Chris Ayres

I Am Ozzy

By Ozzy Osbourne & Chris Ayres

  • Release Date: 2010-01-25
  • Genre: Music
Score: 4.5
From 440 Ratings


The final word in sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne shares his unbelievable story for the first time in this tell-all memoir.
"They've said some crazy things about me over the years. I mean, okay: 'He bit the head off a bat.' Yes. 'He bit the head off a dove.' Yes. But then you hear things like, 'Ozzy went to the show last night, but he wouldn't perform until he'd killed fifteen puppies . . .' Now me, kill fifteen puppies? I love puppies. I've got eighteen of the f**king things at home. I've killed a few cows in my time, mind you. And the chickens. I shot the chickens in my house that night.

It haunts me, all this crazy stuff. Every day of my life has been an event. I took lethal combinations of booze and drugs for thirty f**king years. I survived a direct hit by a plane, suicidal overdoses, STDs. I've been accused of attempted murder. Then I almost died while riding over a bump on a quad bike at f**king two miles per hour.

People ask me how come I'm still alive, and I don't know what to say. When I was growing up, if you'd have put me up against a wall with the other kids from my street and asked me which one of us was gonna make it to the age of sixty, which one of us would end up with five kids and four grandkids and houses in Buckinghamshire and Beverly Hills, I wouldn't have put money on me, no f**king way. But here I am: ready to tell my story, in my own words, for the first time.

A lot of it ain't gonna be pretty. I've done some bad things in my time. I've always been drawn to the dark side, me. But I ain't the devil. I'm just John Osbourne: a working-class kid from Aston, who quit his job in the factory and went looking for a good time."


  • “That” was Ozzy

    By Nulte
    Great book. Funny, tragic, memorable and full of character. No wonder he’s a celeb.

    By LvNurock
    Amazing book but where are the pictures of ozzy and etc that's why it gets a 3 star rating
  • Funny!!!!

    By FhatBoi Nation
    I was never into ozzy music but this book was fun to read. Couldn't put it down. I'm actually a fan of his music now lol. This is a must read!
  • What a great read.

    By Malhalla
    This was so much fun to read. I love the way that Ozz describes things and his sense of humor is untouchable. The book mostly covers his life with Sabbath and the early years and very little about the crappy show that even Ozz himself hated. All those old stories and he, Tony, Bill and Geezer back then are priceless. He also talks lots about his childhood and growing up the way he did. If you are a fan this book is required reading, if you aren't then you will still enjoy it.
  • I Am Ozzy

    By OzzyOsbourne's#1fan
    Amazing book. I've read it twice so far; it was very well-written. It will make you cry and laugh. Wonderful book. I was satisfied.

    By Georgie750
    I never expected to have so much fun, reading this book. This book is hilarious, It includes ALL of Ozzy Osbournes crazy and lovable stories, and my god, YOU HAVE TO BUY IT AND READ IT!
  • Top book

    By Donnacw09
    I couldn't put it down, makes me feel like I can go and do anything I put my mind to. Loved it
  • Ozzy is God !!

    By Shawn Freed
    I met Ozzy in December of 2008 at Allstate Arena in Chicago, actually, Rosemont IL, was very happy to have met me, and vise versa. God Bless You Ozzy !!

    By ZeUs 55 26 88
  • AMAZING!!!

    By Maq Brown Photography
    Very good book for fans and non-fans alike!