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Blood Song - Anthony Ryan

Blood Song

By Anthony Ryan

  • Release Date: 2012-11-20
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 787 Ratings


The first in the “powerful” ( New York Times bestselling fantasy series.

Vaelin Al Sorna was only a child of ten when his father left him at the iron gate of the Sixth Order to be trained and hardened to the austere, celibate and dangerous life of a warrior of the Faith. He has no family now save the Order.
Vaelin’s father was Battle Lord to King Janus, ruler of the Unified Realm—and Vaelin’s rage at being deprived of his birthright knows no bounds. Even his cherished memories of his mother are soon challenged by what he learns within the Order.
But one truth overpowers all the rest: Vaelin Al Sorna is destined for a future he has yet to comprehend. A future that will alter not only the Realm but the world.


  • Get it

    By Shane c smith
    Top 5 fantasy books of all time for me love it maybe top 10 overall
  • Excellent Book- Terrible Series

    By CranKing4
    This is a good read, put simply. The classic development of a warrior who doesn’t wield a magical solution and also isn’t thrust into a pedantic world where “Good” doesn’t exist, everyone is evil at heart. And no “spice-it-Up” sex scenes. At least until the unfortunate sequels. One of those excellent first-in-a-series-that-falls-apart
  • hands down a great book!!

    By 4four-eyes4
    I dont normally offer my opinion on the review for a book, but this one is a special case. hands down is top 5 best book i have read all my life. i must recommend this book to other in search of a great story. please do yourself a favor and read this book!
  • Fantastic

    By Lamarok
    A well written tale of camaraderie amongst boys who are trained in the long art of war. A tale of happiness, woe and disillusion which by the end has you wrapped up in all it's glory and wonder, ready to join the Order yourself.
  • Read it twice, still loved it!

    By numero dose
    Just re-read Blood Song for an upcoming book club, and enjoyed it just as much the second time in 18 months. More complex than the usual simple swords with elfin magic fantasy. Deep and well written. Reminds of "The Gilded Chain".
  • Well crafted, complex and completely engrossing story

    By TreeBeardling22
    Strong character development precedes a slowly unwinding story line, adding depth and breadth as the people involved become both more self aware and worldly. A very well done piece of writing!
  • Simply excellent

    By Carfaro
    Interesting characters, not predictable, or barely. Storyline is compelling, and may require staying up late. Tough to put it down. Chris
  • You Get Your Money’s Worth With This One

    By Paddy Malone
    I’ve only recently begun to dabble in iBooks even though I’ve had the app for a while. I decided to use it to search for fantasy novels, since they’ve been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine since adolescence. Even though I sampled about a dozen books in the fantasy genre before this one, I found myself fascinated by the world/universe being fleshed out by the author. Most fantasy novels tend to have flimsy and generic stories, not to mention unrelatable characters that could only exist in fiction. This one is different. The story holds your attention well (and it better since the book is 1500 pages, not joking!) and the characters are believable. The world is well fleshed out and feels genuinely medieval, though the 5th Order’s detailed knowledge of anatomy and fears of infection seem anachronistic. I hate to make such a crass comparison, but it’s almost like Harry Potter with swords; in the best way possible. The only downside is keeping up with the geography and characters since, this being a fantasy work, there tends to be a lot of ‘gibberish’ used. Be aware that the author is British so you may notice the odd spelling of certain words and slang we don’t hear in the States.
  • Amazing, familiar story with well written characters

    By ChrisMutchler
    I could not put the book down once I began reading it. Vaelin is a familiar, complex holy warrior struggling with his fate that does not have the feel of a recycled story at all. The author does a wonderful job with the two unique perspectives for the events of the book, keeping the reader engaged and looking forward to each new chapter. The supporting characters are multi-layered and you get to know each of them through the eyes of Vaelin. I enjoyed the various subplots within the pages as well. Overall I highly recommend reading this book and continuing onto book two as well. I am looking forward to the continuation of the series and hope the author returns to the wonderful, successful formula used with book one. I am very glad I stumbled upon Anthony and Blood Song on iBooks.
  • Great book

    By App-reviewer...
    Great book and a fast read